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2009-12-28 20:43:54 by Phatess

Hey Newground fatties :D
Im Phatess (Christina) and (forgive me forgive me) just recently found
out of My knowledge of artsubmission sites doesnt go
any further than deviantart and since that site is getting to bore me,
i'm very very happy that i found Newground :D

Please forgive me if i post or submit something that not should belong
here, since im a little fat nab and new :)



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2010-01-10 13:36:29

Hi I like your art I myself am an artist.
I wish only to inquire how you became scouted.
PM is you wish to respond.

Phatess responds:

To be honest, i dont really know how this 'scouting' thing works!
I got a mail with a link in it.. i pressed it and apperanlty got scouted :D

ohdude that sounds abit blonde..


2010-01-12 14:41:03

You're pretty hot, haha. Very nice art too. I love your pictures of the Avatar people.

Phatess responds:

Thanks :P
And yes! Avatar is kind off my new addiction!

Hmmm blue..


2010-01-22 21:09:19

hey nice art uhmm *cough* avatar rocks *cough*


2010-01-22 21:09:39

oh and i write a review but im banned so good job w/e